#26 of 50: Bobbie Rill, M.A., LPC
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#26 of 50: Bobbie Rill, M.A., LPC

Grief Recovery Specialist with The Grief & Wellness Group

Counsellor and Director of The Arizona Family Counseling - Southern Region

The focus of Bobbie's life is to be of service to others. As a counsellor and grief recovery specialist she has helped thousands of people learn how to live with and process feelings of grief and loss. For Bobbie to do the important work that she does every day she must find balance in her daily practices that protect her energy and actively participate in activities that bring her joy.

Bobbie and her husband, Bob, who is also a Grief Recovery Specialist, raised a son and a daughter, both of whom are adults. When the kids were young the TV broke, and as parents who wanted their kids to do other things besides watch television, Bobbie and Bob decided not to immediately replace it. One of the outcomes of that decision was that they became a game family. So many of Bobbie's memories are of the happiness that resulted from sitting down and spending time together playing an entertaining game.

Bobbi said, "The world is a serious place and people are dealing with difficult issues all the time. I encourage my patients to actively pursue fun activities. I ask them, 'What is the fun element in your life? What's fun in your personality? What do you enjoy doing?' We all need to pursue and participate in pleasurable activities to lead a balanced life." Participating in pleasurable activities is not frivolous, it's vital to leading a happier life.

Bobbie is a woman of deep faith. She committed her life to Christ at 12 years old. Bobbie said, "The more I read the bible and learned about Him and his love for us and everything, the more I wanted to be in full-time ministry. Bobbi reached a larger audience with her ministry as an on-air host for Family Life Radio. She had a two-minute feature called Life Points that was syndicated across the country.

Bobbi is putting the finishing touches on a book that she is co-authoring with a person who has been involved with over 60 publications. Bobbie was invited to participate to bring both her professional and spiritual perspectives.

Bobbi is also looking forward to traveling again. Adventure is one of her favorite words. She loves flying so she can get lost in a book. The most amazing adventure to go on with her husband would be to visit Israel.

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