#47 of 50: Juliette Beaumont - Portrait Gala
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50/50 2022 Gala Portraits

#47 of 50: Juliette Beaumont - Portrait Gala

After the Portrait Gala, my sister, Juliette posted about her portrait. I'm reposting here so you can read what she had to say. –Michelle

The Tale of Two JuJus:

I have had many nicknames over the course of my lifetime. My older sister, Linda used to call me "Drooliette" as children. I really hated that one, but the rest I have embraced: Jules, Bullfrog, TFB (That Fu@&ing Bitch). The one I have liked the best is JuJu which was bestowed on me by a group that I used to play volleyball with every Sunday up at the pool park in Bisbee. There was definitely a Good JuJu and a Bad JuJu. I was okay with that, as we all have a shadow whether or not we acknowledge it. My Grandboyz call me JuJu also.

When my talented sister, Michelle Beaumont Owens, asked me if I wanted to be a part of her 50/50 project I happily agreed. However, I was not interested in doing a glamour shot, well, because I am many things, but definitely not glamorous! So everything came about because of the hat. I love hats and have been told by several people during past life regressions that I was a milliner in France during the time of Marie Antoinette. Maybe it's true because I have always loved hats! Anyway, I had always wanted to make a pirate hat. I found an old floppy felt hat at a thrift shop that had possibilities. I collect feathers, so that was not a problem. Then I worked on manifesting the rest of my outfit at thrift shops. I found a pair of black thigh high boots that completed the outfit, but part of what you see on my face here is PAIN! They had three-inch heels which I did not imagine would be a problem because I would just be standing or sitting in my house. Wrong! Awful, agonizing, and in the end they aren't even in the portrait, but they did contribute to my expression! lol

Unfortunately, this past Monday, Covid finally got its nasty little hooks in me. I could not attend the gala event that I had been looking forward to for such a long time. Juliette plans, and the Universe laughs! Sigh I am finally feeling better today, so thought I would post for posterity.

This portrait was captured on location at Juliette's dining table in Bisbee, Arizona. Juliette painted her dining room a gorgeous hue of coral that I knew would make for a great background in the portrait along with the Asian furniture and decorations. With the 19th century woodwork, I was hoping to evoke the feeling of a ship captain's quarters even though the room has high ceilings and in a ship captain's quarters the ceiling would be low. You work with what's available!

To read more about Juliette, the 47th woman photographed for Tucson's 50/50 Project, and see her black turtleneck portrait, click here.

Location: Bisbee, Arizona.