#4 of 50: Chrisie Ballard - Portrait Gala
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50/50 2022 Gala Portraits

#4 of 50: Chrisie Ballard - Portrait Gala

During Chrisie's pre-photoshoot consultation I learned that she an enviable collection of formal dresses because she typically attends at least two galas a year, if not more. As the CEO of BNI SoZona, a referral organization for businesses located in Southern Arizona, Chrisie hosts a gala annually for her members. Additionally, BNI Global hosts an annual conference, every year its hosted in a different location somewhere in the world, and the event culminates with a formal dinner for attendees.

The dress that Chrisie is wearing for this portrait is near and dear to her heart. It was the dress she was wearing when Bill proposed to her during SoZona's gala held that year in November of 2014.

For more information about Chrisie, click here.

Black V-Flat for Backdrop | Studio Strobes

Makeup by Elise Marquam-Jahns of Boomer and Beyond Beauty

Location: Tucson, Arizona.