#1 of 50: Gayle Petrillo - Portrait Gala
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50/50 2022 Gala Portraits

#1 of 50: Gayle Petrillo - Portrait Gala

When Gayle and first met she was working on updating her branding which necessitated new professional photographs for her business, website and social media. Her book, The Accident had not yet been published but a nice outcome of our session was that when she was ready to publish, Gayle already had a portrait from our photoshoot that would work well on the back cover.

While we were together in the studio for her photoshoot we decided to capture a glamorous set. I always hesitate to use the word glamorous because the first thing that jumps to mind are the wildly popular Glamour Shots from the late 80s. This portrait was selected for the gala for its elevated look and Gayle's wonderful connection to the viewer in the portrait. What I love about this portrait is that Gayle looks authentically like herself and her warm, engaging spirit radiates from the canvas.

To learn more about Gayle, and the work that she does, please click here.

Black V-Flat Backdrop | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.