Three Generations Portrait Photo Shoot
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Three Generations Portrait Photo Shoot

Photographing a family is kind of like herding cats. The more family members that are added to the mix, the more complicated the session becomes. Someone is always about to say something to someone else, or an adjustment needs to be made whether to clothing or hair or hand positions, or Grandma is getting tired of standing and needs to sit. Just when I think the entire session will be a misfire, whoop there it is, the payoff. 

Photography matters. Family portrait sessions matter. This legacy portrait of this grandmother, daughter and granddaughters will be cherished from one generation to the next. 

With the proliferation of digital cameras, especially with the convenience of cameras on smart phones, we have sadly stopped printing photographs. The risk, of course, is that years of images can be wiped out with one failed hard drive. And, if we do manage to print photos, generally the print quality is poor from the local pharmacy or big box store.

With my studio's products and services, you receive the best of both worlds: analog and digital. For every image purchased you will receive a gorgeous print and a high-resolution JPEG. The prints you receive are archival quality, printed on premium paper with pigment rich ink. You may also choose to order enlargements, canvases or unique layouts, such as a 9-Up.

Be sure to preserve your family's history. Book a session today that will include both individual and family portraits to treasure and share.

Session Details: Red hand painted muslin background | Natural light

Location: Tucson, Arizona.